Best way to cook frozen crab cakes

by Mr. Crabcakes Trading W.L.L.
(Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)

Do you defrost frozen crab cakes before cooking them? What is the best way to cook crab cakes, pan fry or oven baked? What temperatures are recommended, and how long should they be cooked? Replies- The best way to cook frozen crab cakes depends on you! You can thaw them out, first, and pan fry or oven bake, which ever you like. Frying, of course, is the most popular. You get that nice outer crust and if you don't over-cook them, they remain juicy and flavorful!

However, some of us, Crab-O-Licious family, tend to get heart burn with fatty foods, including from frying crab cakes, so we have taken a liken to baking them.

If you put the crab cake mixture in muffin pans (or you can use cookie sheet and be able to turn them), with or without the paper cups to line, you can still be a nice crust on them if you bake them at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes and then turn on the boiling. Continue to broil them until you see a nice golden brown, just a few minutes. I would keep a watch on them so they don't over-cook.

Now, granted this way is difficult to do if you want them turned. We usually don't. Doing crab cakes this way is like doing a mini crab loaf, (a crab alternative to meat loaf), which we absolutely love as well!

Now, back to frying crab cakes...don't fry them at too high of a temperature. We usually fry them on medium heat and sometimes that seems a bit high
after the first batch, so we turned it down just a tad or add more oil to the pan and let it heat back up before putting in a second batch of crab cakes.

And, back to your first question about defrosting or thawing them out before cooking them...either way, but we would recommend thawing them out some, first, instead of frozen, especially if we were gonna put them in the frying pan! Think about that!

Hope this helps!

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