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This is about us at Crab-O-Licious.com, hoping you will feel right at home with us and enjoy this website as much as we enjoy our passion for crab and sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.

Believe it or not, this burning passion for crabbing started when we started watching

"The Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery Channel. We have always loved crab, but never really knew what the commercial crab fishermen had to go through to catch them for "our enjoyment." We have nothing but the deeepest respect for our commercial crab fishermen.

 After watching episode after episode, we decided, since we lived off the shores of the Great Pacific Northwest, that we had no excuse not to crab fish ourselves. Since then, we've continued to nurture our love for the sport of crabbing and reward ourselves with the delicious taste of crab all year around by filling our freezer faithfully!


Meet the Crew

Just a bit more about us, here, meet the Crab-O-Licious Crew!

This first picture is our "fearless" Captain Roger, my husband, who always has crabbing on his mind. Even in the off season months, he is plotting and planning for the next crab season. Also here, is Steph, our daughter-in-law, she does a lot of the "go-fer-type stuff", like, grabbing bait or driving the boat.

In the back with his feet up relaxing is Zac, our son. He's really great to have around for pulling the heavy pots out of the water! You can get a lot of weight in one crab pot, so he's always good to have around with his strong arms!


This next picture is Grandpa. He is a BIG, BIG help! He does most of the preparing of the crab bait. When there are 5 or 6 of us liscensed, going out and all needing bait, this keeps him pretty busy.

He usually does this the night before, so when we go out on the water, it's fast baiting and we get the job done quicker. He also makes sure the crab are kept alive and well 'till we get can get them home.


This third picture is our darling oldest grand daughter, who just can't wait to come see us every summer because she loves to crab, too! She's getting pretty good at throwing the pots out for us. This next season, she's got her little sister excited to come along with us, too. I'm sure she will teach her sister the in's and out's just fine!


This fourth picture is our youngest grandson, Caleb. He's taken an interest in playing with the crab when we bring it home. He takes after his fearless Grandpa Captain, Great Grandpa, and his crab-lovin' daddy! I can imagine he may well grow into being Captain Grandpa's first mate down the line...

 So, there you have it. We have a family of four generations, here, who make up the Crab-O-Licious family! I guess you can say,

"A family that crab's together, stays together!" 

That's about it about us at Crab-O-Licious.com! Oh! Wait! And...Me?


I am Bev (just a bit camera shy and usually the one behind the camera), but, here I am behind the wheel while my husband gets ready to pull some crab pots.

I'm also the writer of this website and the cook of the crab at home! I love to go out crabbing, too.

I am a writer by trade and I build website's, mostly about things I am passionate about...crab just happens to be one of those of things. It's really been a pleasure writing and sharing our knowledge and experiences with you!  

In Closing About Us

Though we specialize in catching dungeness crab, we still do purchase and eat a lot of King Crab, Blue Crab and Snow Crab as well. I guess we can include Red Rock, too, as we do catch a few of those in the Puget Sound, too. Crab is just good eating, you know, no matter what types of crab you like. Crab has been a family favorite for years.

We hope you find the information about crab on Crab-O-Licious.com a benefit to you. We hope you enjoy the free crab recipes we have tried and liked. We invite you to share them with others. We also hope you will share your favorite crab meat recipes with us, too. We're always looking for new flavors and new dishes to try!

Please drop us a line below and say "Hello!" We are here for you and would love to hear from you!

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