Best Crab Cakes Recipes

Lollie! Lollie! Lollie! Get the best crab cakes recipes here! Crab cakes are as American as homemade apple pie! has the very best all right here for you to try, share and enjoy.


How do we know these are the best crab cakes? We don't! I'm sure you can ask a hundred crab lovers from all walks of life and get a hundred different answers and a hundred different crab cake recipes!

Some of these delicious crab cakes are famously known, not only in the states, but also shared and loved around the world. These are also crab cakes recipes that we have tried and liked and would like to share them with you.

To make these best crab cakes recipes, you can use any kind of crab meat, fresh Dungeness Crab or Blue Crab are best. You can use canned crab meat, too. Whatever you have on hand will be fine with any of these great recipes.

If this is your first time making crab cakes yourself at home and not sure how to go about it, click in to learn How to Make Crab Cakes, here. We will be glad to show you how!

The best crab cakes recipes we have found from shore to shore...

  • Dungeness Crab Cakes that are exclusively delicious and at their best when using Dungeness Crab meat.
    This Blue Crab Cakes Recipe is worthy of being labeled as one of the best crab cakes known. If you have fresh blue crab meat, you'll want to try this memorable crab cake.
  • Baltimore Crab Cakes Recipe, also known as "Maryland Crab Cakes". These cakes are good, with or without any kind of sauce.

  • Here is a Baked Crab Cake Recipe, only takes a few minutes to prepare and is a flavorful alternative to fried crab cakes. Comes complete with a yummy avocado sauce! 
  • This Cajun Crab Cake Recipe is a low-fat crab cake that you bake in the oven, making it a healthier alternative to frying.
  • Here's an Easy Crab Cake Recipe is a bit spicier, Louisiana-style, and "mmmmm good!"
  • Louisiana Cajun Crab Cakes from Cajun Cooking TV; can't get more authentic than this. The flavors blend so well and these crab cakes are easy to prepare.
  • Louisiana Crab Cakes Recipe is traditional "Louisiana-Style" recipe with a special, Yummy-Sauce to go with it!

  • Share your favorite Crab Cakes Recipes with us and let the world try them and you'll find even more yummy Crab-O-Licious  crab cakes.

Tips For Forming Crab Cakes:

You can use a lid from a peanut butter jar to make perfect round crab cakes. Just spray the lid to let the mixture release easily. Or, you can use an ice cream scoop to make crab cakes! Just scoop into mixture and put onto cooking area and press gently on top to form.

Always chill your crab cake mixture before baking or frying your cakes.
This helps blend the flavors to meld and helps to hold the mixture together making them easier to handle and mold to desired shape. It also plays a big role in the cooking process. It allows the outside of the crab cakes to get crispy, thus keeping the moisture inside the crab cake.

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