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You want to know how to freeze crab? will teach you how, whether you are freezing whole crab, crab legs or just the crab meat, it's all fairly simple and we have the details here for you. Also, if you still have questions about freezing crab that we didn't answer that you might have, you can get them answered here, too, on this page.

Freezing Dungeness Crab, up to around 7 and 1/4 inches, can fit nicely into a gallon-size freezer bag. Anything bigger than that will have to be wrapped in freezer paper or larger freezer bags, (if you can find them). Pretty much the same with freezing Blue Crab.

How To Freeze Whole Crab

Whole crab must be cooled down before freezing, if you have just boiled the crab. Next, you want to cut the tips of the legs. You can use kitchen shears to do this. Then you won't have the pointy ends poking through the freezer bags or whatever kind of freezer paper you choose to use.

Next, tuck the crab legs in around the belly of the crab. Then, simply place them in a gallon size freezer bag or freezer paper. Then, stick them in your freezer!

How To Freeze Crab Legs

For freezing crab legs, is just like the above process. However, if you have whole crab and just want to just freeze the crab legs, then you have to clean the crab, first, then you can freeze the crab legs. Make sure you get all the air out of the freezer bag to ensure freshness and they don't get freezer-burnt.

Freezing Crab Meat

With everything you learned from above, if you would like to just freeze the crab meat, first, refer to our cleaning crab page. This will show you how to clean the crab, so you can get at the crab meat. After that is done, the shell and insides are removed and the crab is broken is half, now, you can pick out the crab meat.

You will notice that there is quite a bit of crab meat in the thigh area that is pretty easy to get at. To remove the crab meat from the legs, you can use a pair of shears, a nut cracker or an old table fork to get the meat from the crab legs.

Once you have all the meat, you can package it and freeze it in freezer bags. Now you know how to freeze crab!

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