How to Eat Crab

If you don't know how to eat crab legs, don't feel bad. In just a few short minutes, you'll have the technique down to a tee! I'll illustrate how in picture's here for you and put it all together in a video eating a dungeness crab. We also have a video to show you how to eat Blue Crab.

So, you're done cooking crab legs and you are ready to eat them. This is the best way to get to the crab meat. Come, we'll show you how easy it is.

Pick up your crab leg and break off one of the legs at the thigh area where you see all the crab meat. Next, break the end of the leg off and discard into a bucket, bowl or dish. With Dungeness Crab it's not worth the work to get to the bit of meat that is down by the end of the crab leg. Most of the meat is in the thigh area and the first knuckle's after the thigh-meaty area. For King Crab, there's a lot of meat all the way through, even to the claw.


Next, you may want to have some crab scissors, like I have illustrated. I like using them instead of a nut cracker or a mallet, but you can use whatever you have handy. You want to get the scissors in on the inside of the leg. Cut through the carcass, then you can pull the leg apart and get the crab meat out. You can tell the difference from the soft meat and the hard carcass of the crab.

Then, basically, you "rinse and repeat" with the rest of the crab legs. In the thigh area, where most of the meat is, the carcass isn't too tough. You can probably pick the crab meat out with your fingers. It's ok to do that, too! If it seems tough, again, you can use the crab scissors to cut the carcass from the meat.


Just to make sure you know how to eat crab and crack the legs and get to the good stuff, we put a video together so you can see how to do it in action. Once you distinguish the meat from the carcass, you'll see it's fairly easy and really is loads of fun!

How to Crack Crab Legs

And here's a video from CHOW. This guy does an even better way to explain and does a more thorough job! I'm "camera shy!"

How To Eat Blue Crab Video

Since we don't live in "Blue Crab" counrty, we thought we would give you a reference from a credible source on how to eat blue crab. Who else could be more credible than "Woody" from Woody's Crab House in Maryland? You'll notice that Blue Crab is much smaller and offers much less meat than Alaskan King Crab, Alaskan Snow Crab, or, even Dungeness Crab. However, after tasting the meat on Blue Crab you won't ever discredit its delicious flavor! Now, on to the show on how to eat crab....Blue Crab!

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Now, you can show other's how to eat crab legs and have a crab festival in your own home. If you have any question's you can ask below in our new comments section...

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