Blue Crab Information for First Timers......

by Tmcintyre

Me and my husband went to the beach and caught some blue crabs and immediately put them in an ice chest full of ice. They have been on ice, now, for about 5 hours. Do you think it is still ok to eat them even if they are dead? If not, next time we go out, what is the best way to keep them alive throughout our fishing trip and the two hour drive home?

First off it your crabs have died I wouldn't recommend to eat them. Putting crabs on ice is ok for a bit, however, one needs to keep in mind that they start releasing toxins that can start permeating the edible meat. With this said, we really hope, beings this is late getting to you, that possibly we can help you out in your future endeavors.
We have a lot of information about Live Crabs, here, which, if followed carefully, will help you better prepare for your next successful catch of Blue Crabs!
As always, our best advice here on Crab-O-Licious, "Dead Crab are Bad Crabs!"

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