Crab on a train?

I would like to buy fresh Dungeness Crab on Fri.
The plan is to pack it on ice, immediatly in a cooler.
I am traveling by train to Chicago on Sun.
Arriving on Tues., and Crab eaten on Wed.
Is this TOO long? Is it safe?
Do you have suggestions for transporting.
I appreciate your advise.

We would suggest that you clean and boil those dungies, then pack them on ice for the train trip home. You're going too far for too long to not have this process done first. If you want to these crabs to be safe for consumption when you get to your desired destination, please, take the time to clean them (5 minutes) and the time to boil them up first (20 minutes to boil the crabs). Also, make sure you ice them well. We would suggest you shrink wrap them or suck the air out of a heavy duty ziplock bag and get some dry ice. Place newspapers between those crabs and the ice for extra safe assurance (no freezer burns). If you can't get dry ice, you should be able to keep them iced, granted you are traveling on Amtrak? I think they would have ice...
Hope this helps and hope you get your dungies home safe and sound. Have a great trip! Enjoy!

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