Crab Papaya Salad

by Beverly

Crab Papaya Salad

Crab Papaya Salad

We love crab and we love papaya! We never thought of putting them both together until recently, but surely this is now one of our favorite crab salads from here on out!

First, you will need a mortar and pestle. It will make it easier to mash the ingredients. Or, you can use a good solid dish and a clean hammer-like object. No, we're not kidding! Whatever you have to use like a mortar and pestle if you don't have them is fine! Just don't get too carried away and break your dish!

The total recipe is basic Thai-style papaya salad and we added canned crab meat and omitted the tomatoes, green beans, and peanuts on this one. We felt having the crab meat was enough protein for the meal we had this with as we were making this for a side dish. Add all the ingredients with the crab and you got a good hardy meal!


3 Cups-Shredded Green Papaya
2 Tablespoons-Lime Juice
Thai Chili Peppers-at least one, add more according to your spicy preference 4-for hot!
2 Tablespoons-Palm Sugar, or brown cane sugar will do
1 Clove-Garlic
1/2 Cup-Cherry Tomato's cut in half(optional)
2 Tablespoons-Fish Sauce, we use Tiparos brand
1/2 Cup-Roasted Peanuts, (optional) we use Sun Flower Seeds more often than regular roasted peanuts, but it's your call!
1/2 Cup-String Green Beans cut down to 1 inch pieces(optional, but very good with!)
1 or 2 cans-crab meat or 1-cup of lump crab meat, whichever you have on hand.

Using a potato peeler and shred off the top green layer on the papaya. Then, use a papaya shredder, shred the papaya into a large mixing bowl. Cut the cherry tomatoes in halves and add to the papaya. Set aside.

Take your mortar and pestle (or other creative tools) and put in the chili pepper/peppers with the garlic and pound it good. Let it get mushy, then, add the sugar. Then, if you are using peanuts, add them until they are all crushed and blending well into the rest of the mixture.

Next, add the fish sauce, blend well and add the lime juice. Pound it all together well. They say, the more you pound, the better the flavors mix.

Next, pour it over the shredded papaya and blend well and chill for a couple hours in the refrigerator until serving.

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