Crab Spring Rolls

(Pacific Northwest)

These Crab Spring Rolls just made it to our "favorite snack" category! Not only are they good for a quick, healthy afternoon snack, but also for a lite lunch, or a tasty crab appetizer....

All you need is some spring roll wraps, your favorite greens (we used julienne cabbage, carrots, and celery), and some crab meat (we used Dungeness!) Oh! And a few (optional) dipping sauces like the ones pictured.

First, heat some water to hot, not boiling. You can use hot tap water, just so it's not too hot to handle. Pour some water into a shallow pan, like a cake pan about 1/2 inch to an inch of water.

Next, place one spring roll at a time into the pan for about 15 seconds till the rolls are done. Then, carefully (make sure the water isn't too hot!) take out the spring roll and lay on dry paper towels for just a second and pat with another paper towels to get the excess water off.

Next, carefully peel the roll off the paper towel and carefully place onto a surface, like a standard sized dinner plate.

Next, spread out your lettuce and greens and top with crab meat and roll them like a burrito and enjoy your crab spring rolls with your favorite dipping sauces!

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