Egg Drop Soup With Crab and Tofu

by Crab-O-Licious

What happens when you put crab meat, tofu and egg drop soup together? You get one healthy, flavorful and delicious pot of soup!
I found this recipe over at Homemade Chinese Soups and had to try it! It's very good!


  • 1 Can-Crab Meat or 100g fresh crab meat-drained

  • 2-Eggs

  • 1-Package Soft Tofu

  • 6 Cups-Chicken Stock

  • 2 Tablespoons-Cornstarch Mixed With 1/4 Cup-Water

  • Salt and Pepper-to taste


Mash the crab meat to break up any lumps.
Beat the eggs.

Cut the soft tofu into thin strips.

Bring the soup stock to a boil, then, add the crab meat and tofu.

Bring back to a boil; add the salt and pepper to taste.

Add the cornstarch mixture to thicken the soup.

Turn off the heat and stream in the beaten eggs.

Stir to break up the egg and prevent from clumping.

Serve this Egg Drop Soup With Crab and Tofu dish while it is good and hot.

What I love about this recipe is that it's light, easy to make and flavorful. You can also add some fresh vegetables (mushrooms, green onions, snow peas...) and make it a great meal!

We hope you enjoy this Egg Drop Soup with Crab and Tofu recipe, too. Enjoy!

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