English Names of Crab Meat

What do you call the meat from different parts of the crab's body? I'm translating documents from a Japanese crab manufacturer, and they have different names for the meat. One kind comes from the torso that will be sold as is and used for many different things (scrap meat, lump meat). The "roll" meat is squeezed out of the legs by a machine and is called "stick meat" or "pure meat" and is sold in vacuum packs. What could these be in English?

I think you answered your own question!? I only understand english and the words as you described were in english. I'm not trying to be smart butt about it, but, roll meat, pure meat, lump meat...I'm not sure what else to call them!?!
I do know that with Blue Crab the fishermen and dealers have their own jargon to describe the different forms and conditions that they can be found in. For example:
Berry Crab is a female crab with spongy, tennis-ball sized egg mass underneath her apron and the egg mass resembles berries.
Clear crab is a hard shell blue crab that has recently molted and they are nearly translucent in their appearance.
Factory crabs are hard crabs that are not large enough or full enough of meat to be marketed. This is where they break off into determining if they are a #1 or #2 male and etc, etc, the list goes on and on with the blue crabs.
But, lump meat, claw meat....that's how we describe the meaty parts, here, too...in English! The only other thing I can think of is "picked meat" that comes from the shells.
Not sure if I helped you out or not, but sure got me thinking!

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