Storing cooked blue crabs until serving

I just picked up some freshly cooked blue crabs this morning around 9:00 am. I will not be serving them until 7:00 pm this evening. Should I refrigerate until served?

Yes, please! Do put those blue crabs in the frig. until you serve them tonight. You don't want to have them on the counter and sitting in room temperature all day, especially in the heat of the summer.
Just make sure you have them stored in a place in the refrigerator that, when you open the frig. throughout the day, that they aren't right up front. You want to keep these fresh blue crabs "fresh" and "cooled" well. So, if at all possible, you could store your freshly bought cooked blue crabs in the refrigerator in the meat or crisper drawer of the refrigerator, that would be the ultimate place to store them till this evening!
Enjoy those Blue Crabs! "Catch 'em! Clean 'em! Cook 'em! Eat 'em!"

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