Cooked Crab

by Dave Wild
(Vallejo, CA)

Is it alright to eat cooked crab after it's been in the refrigerator for a week? Replied:-That's a really tough call, Dave. A week (7 days) is a long time to leave crab that's already been cooked in the frig. for safe consumption. It's hard to tell on my end, but here's what I would do because I'm a total nut for crab!...I would ask myself...
1-Was this cooked crab I left in the frig. for a week preserved well? Meaning, was it in a sealed tight container? If no, then...No! If yes, then...
2-Was this crab left in the frig. in immediate eye-sight view of opening the door all week long? If yes...No! If no, I put it in a drawer so when upon opening the refrigerator door it wouldn't be immediately effected. If so, then...
Unwrap or uncover the crab and smell it. If it still smells like fresh cooked crab and doesn't have any unhealthy dis-coloration (turning green, brown...) then to be honest with you, I would eat it! I love crab! Hate to see good crab go to waste. BUT! I'm not advising you to do so...I'm saying it's your call!

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Re-cooking Dungies!

by Mark
(Everett, WA)

I cooked the fresh, cleaned Dungeness crab legs in water that was very hot for 20-30 minutes but it never came to a boil. I put them on ice until morning. I am afraid they are not fully cooked. Can I re-cook them again? Replied:-Although I have not done this myself, I am thinking that 30 minutes of very hot water most likely was good. I would take extra care to be sure that the water comes to a full boil for 10-15 minutes however when re-boiling them. This should ensure an evening of dining enjoyment!

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Time For Crab Legs Once Cooked

How long are crab legs good for once cooked? Replied:-That depends on what you do with them after cooking the crab legs, whether you intend to store them in the frig., eat them within a few days. If you intend on freezing the crab legs or picking out the meat and freezing the crab meat, they will keep for at least 6 months if you vacuum seal them! Enjoy those crab legs!

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Cooking Crab A Second Time

by Ken Miller
(Spokane, Washington )

Cooking crab a 2nd time after only cooking for only 5 minutes and then freezing....???
The crab appears to be raw..and has black liquid on it... the meat also appears to be stringy raw. We are worried the crab is no good. Can you advise us whether we can eat the crab after cooking it for a second time..20 minutes? Replied:-Ken, I wouldn't eat the crab. We can't stress enough how important it is after catching crab to boil it for at least 20 minutes before cooling and freezing. Please don't take any chances!

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