Using Crab Shells For Serving

I would like to use the crab shell as the serving container; however, it has hairs on the bottom can I get rid on them?

You really can't get rid of the hairs on the crab shells unless you take a shaving razor to them, seriously, that could work.
What others (including us) have done to use the shells as serving dishes is this...
Take an old tooth brush or veggie brush and scrub the shells, then, put them into the dish washer and clean them and sanitize the shells in the dish washer. If you don't have a dish washer, I would recommend the first step by scrubbing really good, but gently, as not to crack the shells, in hot soapy water. Then I would go ahead and use them for serving! I have even gone as far as cleaning/sanitizing the crab shells, then, spraying them with a clear lacquer and letting it dry completely before using them as serving dishes. This would be the same kind of lacquer you would use for pottery.
The coating makes the shells shiny with/without the hairs! The hairs didn't seem to bother anyone. Again, if it bothers you, try the shaving with a razor trick!

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