Crab Allergy

Is there anything different with Dungeness crab? I have no problem with snow crab or shrimp, as I eat a lot of them, but after eating Dungeness crab for the first time today I had an allergic reaction about 6 hours later. ( welts, rash, puffy face, tingling lips...the usual food allergy stuff). I just can't figure it out. Thanks for any info you have.

Sorry about the allergic reaction you experienced eating Dungeness Crab for the first time. I can only imagine the "bummer!" you felt. Unfortunately, an allergic reaction could very well be the case. You should definitely talk to your doctor about it. My uneducated guess with talking to friends and family members over the years how someone has developed an allergic reaction to something they recently tried, something seemingly harmless. Also, our grand daughter was born allergic to peanuts!??! Doesn't all kids grow up on peanut butter? Sounds absurd, but things like this do happen. We have a dear friend who LOVES seafood, however, she can only eat shellfish; no salmon, no halibut. It's kind of weird, yes, but it's life.
Then, you eat certain types of crab or other seafood for years and years and in later years try something else, something you're excited to finally try, then, BOOM! something just went terribly wrong! Your body rejects it. Not cool!!!
With this all said, again, it's too bad you had an allergic reaction to Dungeness Crab (of all things!). Again, I wouldn't hesitate to consult your doctor about it,though. They can run tests and see what the true culprit may have been. Maybe it was the crab, maybe it wasn't. You'll never really know till you check into it with your doctor. Until then, if it were any of us, we would steer clear of eating anymore dungies...sniff....

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